Data Protection Policy

When making enquiries, placing an order or by taking part in our GPS Treasure Hunts we receive some information from you. Below we detail the types of information we have, how it is used, how it is stored and for how long. We also detail your rights regarding this information.

Types of Information we receive and how it is used:

By contacting us via email we receive your email address, the webpage that you were diverted from and optional name and telephone contact numbers. This information allows us to give an informed reply to you in your chosen medium (phone or email) with information on our products relevant to the style of hunt and location that you are interested in.

By placing an order we receive your Name, Address, Email and optional telephone contact numbers. This information is used for billing purposes and to ship your order in a timely fashion (in the case of our Physical Products) We rely on your contact information to be able to reach you with any issues relating to your order should we need to.

By using our GPS hunts or Sample Hunts we receive a snapshot of your phone containing the Model of Phone, Browser used and GPS Location. We use these details to troubleshoot any errors in our hunts and continually improve the performance of our GPS products.

Any answers given or points scored during the course of the game are stored on our servers in case of disputes. Note: Any photos submitted remain local to your device and are not transmitted to us.

How is our information stored and for how long:

The information relating to the use of GPS hunts detailed above is kept on a Virtual Dedicated Server with limited access and on our secure in house servers. It is kept for up to 2 years from the event date. After this period your data will be deleted. Information relating to accounts and administration will be kept for a minimum of 6 years or as otherwise required by law.

Your information rights and complaints procedure:

On request we can provide you with a copy of the data that has been collected from you and make amends to personal information which is incorrect. We can delete our records containing your personal information. You are also given the option to opt out of any of our marketing information. Please get in touch with us at to make an application.