Hunt Types

Find a hunt that fits!

We offer five main types of hunt to suit:

  • Managed- We step in and run the event for you, providing all the materials and equipment
  • Self Managed- We provide you with all the materials required to run the hunt using your own smartphones
  • Indoor- escape the weather with our indoor treasure hunt game (Managed and Self Managed options available)
  • Anywhere- Set up one of our themed treasure hunts in your own custom location
  • Custom Bespoke- Have something special in mind? Get in touch with us and let us know what we can do to make it happen

Choose your location

We have over 200 GPS treasure hunt locations in the UK and some overseas...
Choose from the list below:


Let us do all the organising for you so you can relax and join in the fun too! We will organise the hunt for you, fitting it around any plans you have for the day. We provide all the GPS devices and materials along with a facilitator who will run briefing/debriefing sessions with the teams. We handle all of the technical aspects of the hunt, moderate the scores and award any prizes to the teams. All the photos and videos from your event are sent through to you the next working day.

Self Managed GPS Hunt

GPS hunts are prepared just for you and contain everything you need including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them. You will have more than one team competing, just select the number of participants when you order. Your organiser can set the start and finish points and set the countdown clock to finish at their chosen time. You can check how the other teams are getting on at any time as you do the hunt

Indoor Hunt

Introducing our Indoor Treasure Hunt, Around the World which is available as a Managed or Self Managed event. Around The World is an Indoor Team Building Exercise. Using smartphone technology, teams can compete to be the best. With effortless organisation, Around the World is suitable for an unlimited group size and for any size of venue, all you need is a few sheets of paper and you and your team captains can take on the world using their smartphones. Around the World treasure hunts contain everything you need, including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them.

Anywhere Hunt

Do we not have the location you are looking for? Or have a special venue in mind? No problem. With the Anywhere hunt we provide you with 20 or 30 of our themed clues and photo challenges which you can drag and drop on our online map tool to create your very own GPS Treasure Hunt anywhere you wish!

As soon as you are happy with your route, we will generate your hunt ready for you and your teams to go out and get treasure hunting on your smartphones.

Custom Bespoke

Want something a bit different or to meet your company’s needs? Maybe you want to hunt round an area specific to you, possibly near a venue you are using for a meeting beforehand. Maybe you want to include tasks specific to your company or run a hunt based on a theme of your choosing? Whatever you have in mind let us know and we will work with you to create the perfect Bespoke hunt for your corporate event!

More about our GPS treasure hunts...

Using iphones, ipads or Android touch screen phone/tablets as your tools, navigate your way to the ’hotspots’ to reveal a clue or challenge. Once completed submit the answer and navigate to the next ’hotspot’! The clock is ticking too so you are not just competing against the other teams you have to beat the clock too!

The aim, of our GPS treasure hunt, is to score as many ’points’ as possible in the allocated time having loads of fun on the way.

Have a look at our SAMPLE GPS HUNT to see what it looks like. If you are thinking of purchasing a Self Managed version do try it on all the devices you are using to check compatibility.

If you get errors relating to location then look at our GUIDE TO TURNING ON LOCATION to find out how to do this.

If you have any problems then see our Frequently Asked Questions

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