Terms and Conditions

Our payment terms for managed events are 25% deposit (non-refundable) to confirm your booking, the balance due payable 6 weeks prior to the event (non-refundable). If your event date is within the next 6 weeks, we insist on payment in full prior to the event date.

For Managed Events - Mobile Phones that are provided to carry out our GPS hunts solely belong to Huntfun Limited and must be returned to Huntfun Limited at the end of the Managed Event. They must not be used for any other means than carrying out the GPS Hunt.

By taking part in the hunt you agree to grant permission for GPShunts to access your GPS location and share it with other participants for the duration of the game. For more information, please refer to our Data Protection Policy

The compiler of this Treasure Hunt accepts no responsibility or liability for any claim, loss, damage, injury or inconvenience whatsoever however sustained or caused as a result of using this Treasure Hunt. By taking part in the Treasure Hunt you and anyone accompanying you agrees to do so entirely at your own risk.

Copyright GPS Hunts (a division of Huntfun Limited) All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers.

Third Party Technologies. The hunt relies on the technology of Mapbox Maps in order to work. GPShunts will not accept any liability if this technology is temporarily unavailable. If the technology is permanently unavailable, GPShunts liability shall be limited to the amount paid for the treasure hunt.

The hunt relies on your network provider to connect to the internet. Any charges made by your network provider for connection to the internet and for the cost of any data transfer to your device are your responsibility. GPShunts accepts no responsibility or liability for any claim, loss, damage, or inconvenience whatsoever if you are unable to connect to your network provider in the location of your hunt. If you are unsure then we suggest you check your network provider's coverage at UKmobilecoverage

We recommend that before you start your hunt you test EACH device that will be used with our Sample Hunt and you register EACH one for the GPS Guarantee. We are so confident of our product that we will give you a full refund of your purchase price if you cannot, because of a technical issue, complete the hunt on a device that you have tested successfully and signed up for the huntfun GPS Guarantee You can find out more in our Technical Requirements.