Buy your Appleby in Westmorland Bespoke GPS Treasure Hunt

Our current GPS hunts not quite right? then we are happy to look at writing a bespoke hunt just for you! A bespoke GPS hunt can then be run, by you, as a Self Managed package or become part of a Fully Managed package.

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Bespoke GPS Treasure Hunts.

The Appleby in Westmorland Bespoke GPS hunt is available in the following themes:

Spy Missions

Someone has been leaking top secrets about a new weapon that could wipe out global communication systems.

Agent Blond is on the case. He's in a race against time as he tries to track down the enemy spy and discover the secret code which will disarm the weapon before it's sold on the black market.

Teams will need to figure out cryptic clues, break codes, answer vexing questions and perform surveillance. Our spy hunt combines logical thinking, strategic planning, general knowledge, team work and plenty of fun.

A martini, shaken not stirred, might be in order should you achieve your mission....

Pirate's Ahoy

Arr arr me hearties! You're in for a swashbuckling adventure.

Sir Thomas Whetstone has fallen from the heights of a naval officer to become a common pirate, wanted by the authorities. His single-minded focus in on finding the missing Pearls of Panama. Can you find them before he or any other pirates do?

In this pirate treasure hunt, teams will be reading maps, solving cryptic clues and showing off both their general and pirate knowledge. It'll test their strategic thinking, creativity, team work and flair for the dramatic. Most importantly, they'll have swashbuckling good time.

Will your team walk the plank or celebrate with a barrel of rum?

Witches and Wizards

Grab your Magic Wand and Broomstick!

It’s time to team up with your favourite Sorcerers from books, film and TV

Test your knowledge on spells and potions, see which of you has what it takes to be the next Gandalf, Merlin or Dumbledore!

Curse your friends, Hex your enemies, find all the clues, solve all the (tom) Riddles and save the day from the Dark Necromancer.

In this Witches and Wizards themed hunt you will be quizzed on all things magical from Books, Films and TV.

Not for Muggles


80s nostalgia.

Oh how we LOVE the 80s tight jeans and big BIG hair.

Jelly shoes and leg warmers REALLY? what DID we wear!!

Have some fun on our treasure hunt the music, toys, films, style.
Collecting points and remembering the 80s for a while!

In our fab 80s retro treasure hunt, teams will be locating and solving clues and completing fun tasks bringing all those memories of the 80s back to life with a bang!

Teams will need their wits about them to be the winning team!
Strategic planning, lateral thinking, team work and creativeness will pop the extra points with ease. (no need for space dust!) Most importantly, teams will have neon coloured, Wham Bam good time.

Trivia Challenge

Get ready for the ultimate trivia challenge! Our Trivia GPS hunt is designed to test your knowledge on a wide range of topics, from history and science to pop culture and sports.
A world-renowned quiz master, has hidden a series of questions throughout your chosen location. Teams must locate these trivia hotspots using their GPS devices and answer the questions correctly to progress. Each correct answer will bring you closer to the ultimate trivia champion title.

In this thrilling adventure, teams will need to demonstrate their vast knowledge, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. As you race against the clock, you’ll encounter brain-teasing challenges that will keep everyone on their toes.

Collaboration and teamwork are key, as each team member’s unique knowledge will contribute to your success. With every question, you’ll gain points and move closer to winning the grand title. Will your team be the trivia champions, or will you be left stumped at the final hurdle?

Brush up on your general knowledge, gather your smartest friends, and get ready to embark on a trivia treasure hunt like no other. The Trivia GPS hunt awaits!

Sports Challenge

So many legends so many sports just how much do you know?
Compete in our sporty treasure hunt be the winning team

Get your teams ready on the starting line and set them off racing against each other and the clock on our sporty treasure hunt!

Using strategic planning, creative and lateral thinking and team work, teams will be competing to be the winning team collecting points for successfully locating and solving clues and completing fun tasks.

There is something for everyone in our sporting treasure hunt. Who will cross the finish line first, which will be the winning team...on your marks...get set...........go on order a sporting treasure hunt today.

Science & Technology

The Mad Scientist has chosen you to become part of their next great experiment.
Working with your team of Lab Partners you need all your scientific knowledge to win the day
Using your high-tech GPS device you must solve as many scientific problems as you can to help the Mad Scientist make their new discovery.
Answer questions on biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.
Ready or not, Eureka here we come!

Halloween hunt

The night is dark and the goblins are out, the witches and black cats are prowling about.
Costumed creatures the strangest I’ve seen,are knocking on doors because it’s Halloween!
In our fun spooky Halloween hunt, teams will be locating and solving clues and completing fun tasks with a Halloween twist.

Correct answers and completed tasks will earn ‘Treats’ but get them wrong and get no points ‘Trick’.

Don’t be too spooked and have your wits about you in the race to be the winning team! Strategic planning, team work and creativeness will get those ‘treats’ with ease.


Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is coming but the tree is still bare.

It needs to be decorated before St Nick gets there.
The elves are making toys at maximum speed.
They can't help, you must take the lead.
Using GPS, with your team you must race
To find hidden clues dotted all over the place.
Each clue earns a bauble to put upon the tree
Get the most baubles, the winner you will be.
With team work, brains and a good dose of fun
You'll be having an egg-nog before the other teams are done.